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I used scalp. Meds for a month, called to cancel and was told to use it at least another month, I got a bill for $139 after which, I called back and was told I was sent to collections because my bank didn't process the payment. I got a bill and no hair growth and in collection.My question is,does anyone have any advice for this situation? Add comment

I tried it for 2 months they said I should see some results. It made my scalp irritable and didn't want to give even a partial refund! Add comment

I agree. This company is a total rip-off. According to customer service, they sent a double supply in which I had no knowledge of. They charged my card for $49.99 plus $9.80 shipping. I immediately cancelled further orders, but now, they stated that I ordered a double supply in which they have placed a $49.99 charge in a collection agency. I never used the product. Scalp med seemingly places unwilling charges on your credit card Read more

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  • Dec 02, 2015
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I soul de like to be able to talk with someone in costumer service. I have been calling for the last two month and is always in communication the number they gave me to be able to cancel my order. Add comment

First of all ScalpMed does NOT work!!! I had used it for over a year with zero results and when I tried to cancel, they told me to keep on using and finally I just changed my credit card when I moved as I knew they would never let me quit kand now they have debt collectors after me!!! Never received any product from them since I moved and changed credit card and they still want me to pay! Never!!! Read more

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The second time I received a half of the products but they charged me in full, the third time they charged my credit card and I never received the products. This company is a total fraud. I called them, I sent e mails to them and I never had even the courtesy of an answer!!!! Don't believe in its commercial. It's just a trap to chase fools. It's really sad that companies as this one take your money, don't deliver the products and still are in... Read more

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i did not order a secomd order of scalpmed I will file a formal complaint to the attorney general I have connections my number is 5168605202 mike anzalone 24 clement st glen cove new York 11542 if my money is not put back in my credit card and u call me on Monday may18 2015 I will file a complaint my order no is dmv0000268719 if the money is not returned I will go to attoney general in new York and if I need to I wily senator in new York u had... Read more

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i used scalp med and it was just glorified rogaine i decided to look around for another product so i was on you tube looking at some videos about id say 9 months ago and i seen this video for a product called zx42 ,., i did a lot of research on the product and i called the contacts number opn there website alan the creator said they would give me a package deal and ever since i have been on... Read more

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This company takes your money and makes promises it does not intend to keep. Do not fall into the trap because you will be sorry. The customer service is AWEFUL. Once they have your money it's theirs regardless of whether you are dissatisfied with the product or them. They are not clear in the marketing of the product and they do not relinquish any fault of their own, it is your loss is basically how they see it. I was charged for a shipment I... Read more

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This is not a review on the actual product sent, but a warning on the marketing scam used: Automatic Shipment. Since I already use a hair growth product (5% minoxidil foam) and the introductory price was comparable to the over the counter product I had used, I gave it a try. Several weeks later, I find another box of this product on my doorstep. I hadn't even used the original shipment yet. I didn't order it, but when I called to inquire, a... Read more

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