October 26, 2016

I have been a ScalpMed customer since 2013, and I have gone far and beyond to give Shane Malek and his product the benefit of the doubt. I have even tried their new product, Herbal Hair Supplement, but to no avail.

When my hair began to thin out, I researched the hair-loss market for a reputable product and ScalpMed promised wonders that appeared convincing. Unfortunately, my hair has been damaged by the product and now has a “spongy” unnatural texture to it.

I placed an order in July, 2016 and it is then that I was offered the Herbal Hair Supplement, which I was promised a bottle for each packaged that I ordered. When I ran out the 60 day supply, I looked in the other boxes, and later discovered when I called ScaplMed on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 and spoke with Cookie, Sr. Supervisor(x3120), that the supplement was a complimentary gesture for every order, and not every box, and she then give met the website of where I could file a complaint. The following day, October 26, I spoke with Geiner, Supervisor(x3131) who informed me that the product “was only effective for the first year” and beyond that time the product could be used for “maintenance purposes” and not for the purpose of re-growing hair. I told him that it was disappointed to hear that when I had been a customer since 2013.

When I asked about the company’s return policies, he informed me that it was explained to me that I had 30 days and since it was past the 30 days, I would not be able to return my last order. Considering that I have been using the product for almost 3 years, I was disappointed that they could not make an exception.

It is unfortunate that I find myself in this unfortunate situation, and wished that ScalpMed would have been more tactful regarding the matters that surround my situation and more favorable results.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Scalp MED Cons: Scalpmed at all, Scalp med.

Location: La Mirada, California

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i thought it was all a joke. thanks for giving the honest review to avoid other people this same heartache.


i agree


This is a bunch of BS and feels like a money grab to me. I know everyone is different but my 79 yr old husband didn’t even follow the directions and we are beyond freaked out he has ALL HIS HAIR BACK! Happy to send u proof


It seems like there needs to be an Independent Lab that test the efficacy of this and other companies that tout that they can regrow hair. Add to that, the business practices used to lock people into buying more product than they otherwise would.


Seems that Scalp Med is a bogus..I was about to order it,not anymore


Scalp Med advertised that they were offering the 4 month women's supply for 89.95 with free shipping. They said that was all I would have to pay and if I wanted to cancel, I could cancel anytime.

I ordered it in September2017. When I received it, I called the company and cancelled any further shipments. I cancelled because they sent shampoo which in the directions said to follow up with their conditioner. When I called the company they had no idea when the conditioner would be available for sale.

I was so pissed. The only thing they advertised in the package was the steps 1&2 which is supposed to grow the hair.

I just called back for the 3rd time and spoke with this Cookie (MsUnprofessionallyRude) because yesterday they took $49.95 out of my account again! My account is cancelled she told me but I will still have to pay $49.95 for another 3 months after paying them for the $89.95 which they said would be my only payment for the 4 month supply...WHICH IN MY ESTAMATION IS NOT EVEN WORTH IT.


I just had a bad run in with Supervisor COOKIE and she is the most unprofessional person I believe I have ever dealt with. COOKIE IS NOT A SUPERVISOR BUT A LOWLY REP THAT WONT ALLOW YOU TO SPEAK WITH HER SUPERVISOR.

8TH GRADE EDUCATION USUALLY DOES THAT! Scalp med's customer service is the worst in the industry.

They have antiquated systems and processes that won't allow for fluid ordering. How about hiring some quality people and not gutter trash from the trailer park named COOKIE!

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