This company is biggest cheater & Liar. Do not use their products, it does not work and they will charge you arm & legs. When they sell the products they will tell you great things about their products and services. But they sucks,Do not believe them. Careful when go to their wed site, Please read all the instruction. If you have their products return them. Do not Use, Do not Use. I used their products for few months, did not see any improvement. It is a hair growth products. What they show on TV is fake. Again do not believe in this company.

Don't Believe this Scalp Med Company.

Location: Sacramento, California

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RC. It is a fraud this product does not work at all I been using it for several months and no results at all

too expensive and no results the government stick their nose everywhere how come they let people like this steal money from American customers this is the biggest fraud I ever seen who do you go to complaint about this?


Go to the better business bureau (www.bbb.org) and file a complaint,

After filing a complaint the Scalp med company will have 30 days to reply.

Most of the time fraud companies will refund your money to avoid getting a bad rating with the bbb.

Good luck and next time please do your research before ordering a product.


It doesn't work and I've lost more hair after using ScalpMed in 2 months. Each time I called the customer service toll free line, they encouraged me to keep the 6-month products but I did not see the benefits and timely returned the entire package with their authorized return number.

However, Scalp Med did not return me promptly, the customer service person told me that their warehouse rejected my package and returned it back to me; however, when I get it back, I can refuse it and return it to them, then, they'll issue the refund. This is totally ridiculous.

This is the holiday season, I stood in line at the Post Office over 30 minutes to return the package with a tracking number, now, what if I never receive the package that they say they return it to me, then, send it back to them, that means I never get my refund. This is really pissed me off for the way they wanted to make money on customer who return the product that doesn't work for them.


It works great...more expensive than other products though. For me, it's worth the money.


Agreed with the above comment, the company is a huge scam. I tried to cancel my order and a month later my account was still charged.

I called their "Customer" Service line as was treated rudely by both the representative and supervisor who did not even try to solve the issue. I will post to every complaint forum and hope this reaches everyone who is even considering ordering from this company.

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