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though scalpmed made some growth appear it hasnt showed me much difference than the other products I have tried! I bought a four month supply, and from the inframercial that captured my attention and reviews that surrounded the product promotion; hasnt really manifested to be that miracle solution as advertised!

dont get me wrong it did energize hair growth for a moment but than it fizzled out! I must admit it did give me some hope at first, but all the other products I used did the same! I'm not angry just wanted you to know!

I'll venture on because I'm determined to have hair atop my head! thank you much though

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: Bossier City, Louisiana

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I bought this product two months ago, but I am afraid to use it after reading the reviews for this product. Will it thin my hair out? Atlanta, Georgia

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